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Closeup enables bands and singer-songwriters to work directly with their fans to find free concert venues and create awesome nights of music. You can call these exclusive experiences “house concerts” or “secret shows” or even a “living room tour.” But the basic idea stays the same: fans can help bands they love by serving as the venue, booking agent, and promoter and giving musicians direct financial support. Join us in creating a bigger musician middle class.

For Fans

Closeup.fm gives you a cool way to bring your favorite bands home for exclusive "friends only" shows. You can sign up your venue and compete against other people in your city. The first fan to meet the ticket goal or to sell the most tickets seven days before the show wins the right to host concert.

For Bands

Closeup is the easiest way to organize shows. If you’ve already got anchor dates in larger markets, you can use Closeup.fm to book secret shows for the empty nights. Or you can get more ambitious and launch an entire living room tour. You might just find that you enjoy these exclusive live music experiences a lot more than playing bars and clubs. (And the money’s usually better too!)

Live shows are good. House shows are better.

Our Two Founders

Nathan Fray’s background is in music and business, and Austin Church’s is in marketing and tech. They teamed up to turn a big vision into a reality: a bigger musician middle class. What if more artists could get paid fairly for making music? What if we could democratize live music? What if we could tell our kids, “Of course you can earn a living making art!” Closeup.fm is about art and beauty and fairness and togetherness. We figure that what’s good for musicians is probably good for the rest of us.